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Positive Psychology Interventions for the Legal Profession – Panel Discussion May 7 12-1 PM EDT

By Elizabeth Corcoran posted 04-21-2020 06:47 PM


Please come join us for an outstanding Panel Discussion:
Positive Psychology Interventions for the Legal Profession 

Abstract: The legal profession is plagued by job dissatisfaction, burnout, and mental health problems, as reported by the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. Please join us for a discussion about how positive psychology can be integrated into the legal profession to improve job satisfaction, engagement, and overall thriving. We will discuss how to integrate positive psychology into law school curriculums, law firm management, and individual lawyer wellbeing.
Moderator: Elizabeth Corcoran, President of IPPA's Work and Organizations Division
Panelists: -John Hollway, JD, MAPP, Associate Dean of Penn Law at the University of Pennsylvania
-Krista Larson, MAPP, Director of Employee Wellbeing at Morgan Lewis
-Courtney Wylie, JD, CPC, co-author of National Task Force on Attorney Well-being
-Elina Teboul, JD, MA, executive coach, consultant and founder of The LightUp Lab

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