Mrs. Sierra Trudel

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Sierra Trudel holds a Masters of Science and Sixth Year Certificate in School Psychology with a specialization in Child Clinical Counseling from the University of Hartford located in Connecticut, USA. Sierra completed her practicum placement in Windsor Locks Public Schools addressing a population that includes at-risk, emotionally disturbed and behaviorally challenged adolescents, with whom required an alternative education setting. Sierra and her supervisor, Lauren O’Leary, NCSP, LPC, then created a noncognitive competencies curriculum to foster grit, conscientiousness, growth mindset, and self-control within students. She then completed her internship in New Britain Public Schools, which services a diverse urban population. During her internship she implemented restorative practices and positive psychology interventions with elementary students. Over the past three years, Sierra has volunteered with SIPPA as Division President and Mentor Co-Chair. Sierra has also volunteered and been employed by the National Association of School Psychologists, in roles that involved program accreditation and student engagement. Sierra has recently been awarded “Intern of the Year” by the Connecticut Association of School Psychologists and has accepted the role as school psychologist at Goodwin Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut. Sierra’s goal is to implement authentic and culturally sensitive interventions to foster flourishing and combat systemic trauma within the school community.