Ms. Di-Anne Robin

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I am an NLP coach and, this fall, I should receive my Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology. What has brought me to positive psychology?  I had turned to self-help books, when my children were young, in my quest for a “happy family”.  I have adopted two children through international adoption, which, I believed, would bring happiness into my life and my family. However, I did not meet the expected “perfectly happy family”.  So, I kept thinking that something must be wrong... with me and/or with my kids, etc.  For years, I searched for ways to “fix” my family in order to attain happiness. This has been a frustrating journey. 

Then I turned to positive psychology and learned about the motto proposed by Lomas, Hefferon, Ivtzan (2014):  positive psychology is about “making life better”.  For me and my family, pursuing an ideal of happiness seemed unattainable, but making life better for my family as a whole and for each of its members was certainly within reach!

I have been working with character strengths and mindfulness.  New programs have been created to combine interventions from both fields, for example, the Positive Mindfulness Program (PMP) and the Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice Program (MBSP). 

I am interested in using these tools to help parents develop their parenting skills and their self-efficacy.  I believe that the early development of abilities which can bring more flourishing to individuals and families is essential.  For example, learning about such things as fixed and growth mindsets, how to be more optimistic and to dispute negative thoughts, how to discover and use one’s character strengths, etc.  If we, as parents and teachers, learn about such things, we can teach our kids who will grow up and teach their kids… in a ripple effect...