Airan Yuan

Dalhousie University

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Dalhousie University


Airan has a long-term interest in positive psychology. During her degree, she completed a few related projects and presented at the 4th and 5th World Congresses on Positive Psychology (topics: well-being of rural physicians; workplace wellness for healthcare professionals).

She currently works in natural health with essential oils, striving to combine the best from the east and the west to promote optimal health. Her project on aromatherapy was presented on the 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology in Toronto. Her biggest life accomplishments so far is to have helped a close family member overcome Depression with positive psychology and essential oils.

Besides her own business, Airan also helps her mentor to manage his 20+ psychological counselling centres as related to the essential oils, as most centres incorporate this integrated modality into their counselling practices. 

Airan is also a volunteer at Hope Line Life Education & Crisis Intervention Centre to support efforts in suicide prevention. Right now she is working to translate a professional book on suicide prevention from Chinese to English. Lots of work ahead, but keep you posted! :)

Airan’s top strengths include Bravery, Love, Spirituality, and Hope. 

She likes music & plays the piano a little bit. 

She is happy to meet you in person one day soon!