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my name is Mahabbeh Mowakket, it is an Arabic name, it is translated as “Love”, and it is not a common name, so we don’t walk around in Syria calling each other “love”, just me, I have recently became a mom for the first time, I have my baby boy Akkad, and he is and embodiment of what happy baby would be, that I wish everyone in the world will have one of their own, I live with my husband in Dubai whom I met, fell in love with and married in Dubai, as I moved here in 2011 ,my last full employment occupation was an Office Manager for a Dutch company, I ran their office in Dubai for almost four years ,and I left it to start exploring new challenges and opportunities through a new journey in Coaching and as a life and business coach, after what is summarized in 12 years of employment experience within different roles in management and customer service that I started when I was still a student as i am a graduate from Aleppo University, in 2009, I studied economics , but one of the highlights of my life is the three years that spent volunteering to work with special needs in Syria just before I leave to Dubai, I worked as a trainer and a teacher for kids with disabilities,  I taught  them computer, math and English language, and trained other volunteers as well.  And now I voluntarily serve as IPPAED (International Positive Psychology Association Education division) secretary of division,

I love life, and I believe that wellbeing is right for everybody to have, and I live my life holding this belief dearly, and this is what keeps me going, and eager to grow more and more, I like reading, photography, watching good movies ( a really good ones), nature, walking and hiking, and I meditate daily, and try to apply mindfulness in as many aspects of my life as possible, I love beauty, and see it everywhere, I am  uplifted, energetic, enthusiastic most of my days, what makes me the happy person that everybody thinks I am when they meet me in person, and nothing thrills me more than seeing wellbeing and happiness spreading, specially in the harsh environments, I value creativity, as I like art and music, and everything make sense to me when I sing or paint, as I connect with the wise side of me who knows everything about everything.