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Monica Elvira Gutierrez Mesino´s Short Bio

Monica Elvira Gutierrez Mesino is a psychology student at Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia, UNAD, student researcher at Kaamash (UNAD’s Research hotbed group), freelance translator Spanish-English-Spanish since 1999. She has been working as Human Resources Coordinator and Commercial Manager at her family’s company since 1993. She completed a certification as Bilingual Executive Secretary since 1998 at Colombo Americano, French at Universidad del Atlantico.
As part of the company where she works, she received award on safety at work in 2015 from Insurance company Colpatria, a grant from the government to develop an Innovation Process.
She is certified as Assistant on Innovation at GIM Institute (Gobal Innovation Management Institute, Boston, USA).
Monica has worked as freelance translator for several national e international organizations, including E3 Partners, formerly called Global Mission Fellowship.
Monica’s primary objective is to share well-being with other people, well-being that comes from exercising a purposed life based on the virtues and character strengths that are promoted in Positive Psychology.
Monica had just finished translating and adapting from English to Spanish Ryan Niemic's book Mindfulness & Character Strengths a Practical guide to Flourishing in order to apply in her graduation project. 
Currently, Monica is working on her graduation project based on Mindfulness and development of virtues and character strengths in teachers at a middle school in Salgar, Puerto Colombia.
She thinks flourishing comes to people's life in different ways and one of the strongest way is the identification and development of character strengths through mindfulness.

IPPA Student Mentoring Information
My primary research and practice interests is identificación, description and development of character strengths through mindfulness. Mentoring is a key process to achieve life goals in our personal, professional and social life. I want to be a mentor to share what I know in my field of knowledge in that way promote wellbeing and happiness. I will be bringing to the mentoring relationship all my character strengths practice, my translator skills (English-Spanish-English).
I looking to work with students who are commited to set and achieve goals in their personal and professional life. I expect to set an schedule which works for me and for students, they can be located any part of the world. I live in Barranquilla, Colombia and I am willing to estabilish a network with spanish-spoken and english-spoken people and share once monthly arrange according to schedule availability (mostly from 5:30 to 7:30pm Colombian Time, Tuesday or Thursday).