Joel Milam

University of Southern California

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University of Southern California


My career has encompassed research, clinical/intervention applications, and teaching activities concerning positive psychological factors associated with health outcomes.  My training and expertise is primarily in the psychological and behavioral adaptation to HIV and cancer.  This includes identifying protective/resiliency factors that can improve health care engagement, behavioral health, and survivorship. I have a BA and MA in psychology, and a PhD in Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research).   I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine (USC Keck School of Medicine) and am a member of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research.  This environment has provided wonderful experiences for bridging disciplines, as well facilitating team work between clinicians/practitioners and researchers. Thus, I am well-versed in collaborating across disciplines, publishing in interdisciplinary/healthcare-oriented journals, and mentoring and supporting undergraduate, predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty.  I developed, and have continuously taught (since 2006), an undergraduate course focused on positive health psychology (entitled Happiness, Well-Being, and Health). My peer-reviewed publications represent numerous domains within Positive Psychology, including posttraumatic growth, spirituality, optimism, positive affect, and mindfulness.