Miss Ketaki Diwan

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Ketaki Diwan is a graduate student in Social Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ketaki is from India where she has completed masters in I/O Psychology. Her research is focused on positive emotions as well as positive interventions. During her masters, Ketaki conducted studies that focused on examining cognitive appraisals of positive emotions. She conducted a web based positive intervention that was aimed at increasing cognitive reappraisal of positive emotion in doctors with lower emotion regulation. The difference in thought processes that lead to positive vs. negative emotion has always puzzled her. Ketaki believes that positive emotions are subtle but powerful in their own way. She is keen on exploring further through research, how our genuine social connections might help us in noticing positive emotions better. Ketaki’s goal as President-Elect at SIPPA is to create engagement, opportunities and networking channels for students of positive psychology from across the world.