Beata Souders

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Beata is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a PsyD candidate in Clinical Psychology at California Southern University, an accomplished HR professional, an entrepreneur, a student and a volunteer, who coaches, instructs and mentors using the principles of positive psychology. Inspired by Dr. Seligman’s call for 51 percent of human population to be flourishing by 2051, she has strong ideas on how we can reach that goal.

Beata holds a Master of Science degree in Positive Psychology from Life University, where under Dr. Richard Shook, she wrote her thesis on the theory of flow and mechanism of mindfulness. She is currently researching into its practical applications to increase engagement at work and launching an ambitious project of bringing her company to the list of Best Places to Work. Beata presented two scientific posters on the theory of flow at the 2017 World Congress, Montreal, QC and at the European Conference for Positive Psychology 2018, Budapest, Hungary. She is also an ICF certified coach, a member of Association of Positive Psychology Coaches, a Gottman Institute Certified Educator, and a member of European Flow Researchers Network. Beata is also an assistant trainer with Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and have published a few on-line articles on subjects ranging from learned helplessness and gender differences in life priorities to engagement at work.

Beata’s long terms goal is to bring positive psychology to all institutions and publish a book, a form of manifesto to reclaim and redefine humanity out of the age of watered-down values and the culture of consumption toward conscious living and cultivation of courage, curiosity, and creativity.