Miss Lihyo Sung

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Lihyo Sung currently pursues her Bachelor‘s in psychology at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea. Lihyo was the youngest speaker at the International Congress of Psychology (ICP 2016) in Yokohama, and participated in the Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP2016) in Nagoya, the World Congress of WFMH 2015 in Cairo and the Regional Congress of WFMH 2015 in Singapore. Lihyo received the Talent Award of Korea from the Ministry of Education in 2016 for her outstanding scientific achievement in psychology research. In 2018, Lihyo was selected to be representative of South Korea for 21st Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Summer University in Melbourne and Christchurch.

Her interest in Positive Psychology has grown in an online course “Positive Psychology” led by Dr. Fredrickson in 2015. Lihyo was impressed by Fredrickson’s research on the ideal ratio of positive to negative emotion. Especially the broaden-and-build theory served as the foundation for conceptualizing “resilience” in her study.

Just as South Korean boy band BTS has performed music that captured the hearts of young people around the world by referring to difficult topics on family, mental health, inequality, sexuality, and more, Lihyo is passionate about doing SIPPA activities and responsibilities that can serve to promote the mental wellbeing of students across the globe through Positive Psychology.