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Editor-In-Chief, Work and Organizations Division Publication

Starts: 05-01-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


Overview: The Editor-in-Chief leads all aspects of the publication and is ultimately responsible for delivery. Among other functions, the EIC is responsible for the following:

Spokesperson for the publication -  The EIC represents the publication through editorials, and in interactions with scientists, practitioners, division members, and the public. The EIC promotes the Division publication, actively solicits manuscripts, works with IPPA staff (webmaster, communications chief) and editor(s), selects peer-reviewers, and represents the publication with the membership. The EIC provides basic content for all announcements to be made about the publication to the membership. The EIC may also be required to participate in panels or other public discussions.
Set the strategy for the publication -  The EIC ensures the current state of the art in terms of science and practice are represented in the publication, works with staff to set the timeline for production of issues, initiate new features, new article types, and original editorial content. The EIC works in collaboration with Division Officers, Editorial team, and, when applicable, IPPA staff, to set short- and long-term goals and strategies. Typical items to be examined include nature and scope, features and enhancements, changes in the author community, submission guidelines, publication access to non-members, managing contributions from non-members, time to decision, and enhancements to the website.
Lead the editor and reviewer selection process -  The EIC reviews and selects the editor(s), and provides direction and guidance to the editor(s). The EIC recruits and selects peer-reviewers with expertise representing the range of subject areas and topics featured in the publication.
Assign and balance review work load - The EIC and editor(s) assign manuscripts to peer reviewers with the appropriate expertise. The EIC monitors the workload of the editor(s) and peer-reviewers to ensure an equitable distribution of manuscripts. The EIC makes decisions about rejections without review. The EIC and editors identify and solicit books for review. Although the editors conduct interviews for interview content, the EIC (with editors) solicits potential interviewees and oversees the interview questionnaires. The EIC conducts final review of all manuscripts before acceptance. The EIC works closely with the IPPA webmaster on all production aspects of the publication (e.g., providing content, final proof reading prior to release).
Decisions of ethics -  The EIC upholds the ethics and conflict of interest policies of IPPA and works with the other editors to resolve questions of ethics in publishing in the publication.
Conduct and attend meetings -  The EIC conducts regular meetings with the editor(s) to discuss the direction of the publication, ideas for improvement, technology, and other innovations. The EIC attends meetings with the Work and Organization Division and IPPA leadership on all publication-relevant matters and provides reports on the status of the publication, as required.

Time commitment: About 5-10 hours/week preceding and during the month of publication.


1. First author of at least 2 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
2. Reviewer for at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles (reviewer for conferences that require full paper submissions or long abstracts, e.g., AOM, SIOP, may be acceptable)
3. Wide subject matter knowledge of positive psychology in work and organizations
4. Fluent in APA writing style
5. Strong network of connections to source potential contributors, particularly, for books reviews and interviews
6. Familiarity with peer-review editorial process is a plus
7. Experience serving as editor of academic/professional publication outlet is a plus

To read past issues of the Positive Work and Organizations: Research and Practice publication, visit http://www.ippanetwork.org. To talk with someone about this publication and role, email workdiv@ippanetwork.org.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Gregory Hennessy
Claremont Graduate University