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Volunteer Support Lead, IPPA

Starts: 12-03-2018
Location: Online Opportunity


Term: 1 year or 2 years Reports to: Divisions Committee Chair

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Has or develops a good understanding of Divisions Program operations and strategic goals.
  • Serves on the IPPA Divisions Committee and has or develops a solid understanding of IPPA's strategic aims and how the Divisions Program supports them.
  • Supports Divisions Committee Chair and Divisions Program Director in further developing the governance structure, develop Bylaws, rules, policies, procedures and guidance for Divisions Program.
  • Work with Division Officers and leadership teams to identify human resource needs, draft appropriate volunteer job descriptions.
  • Further developed established election process and support Division Officers in execution during election cycle (June- August 2018).
  • Support Division leadership teams in appointment process of non-Officer leadership roles.
  • In coordination with Divisions Program Director and communications staff, support division leadership teams in recruitment of qualified leadership candidates.
  • Share volunteer roles with Executive Committee and Council of Advisors members, regional positive psychology associations and external organizations as needed.
  • Further develop established candidate vetting and evaluation process and support division leadership teams in their execution.
  • In coordination with Divisions Program Director help to on-board new volunteer leaders, including participating in, and sometimes giving the New Volunteer Orientation training.
  • Identify ways to recognize, thank and support volunteer leaders year-round.
  • Conduct periodic needs assessment and evaluate division volunteer needs
  • Participate in quarterly Divisions Committee Meetings, as well as select division leadership team meetings upon request.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




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