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Associate Editor, Work and Organizations Division Publication

Starts: 05-01-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


Overview: The Associate Editor is responsible for managing several aspects of the publication. Among other functions, the AE is responsible for the following:

Managing author correspondence - The AE ensures that prospective contributors to the publication are aware of the deadlines and guidelines for submission. This includes providing examples of previous publication submissions upon request and assisting with questions. The AE is also responsible for managing author submissions and deadlines.
Managing the author submission and review process - The AE reviews author submissions and works with the Editor-in-Chief to provide guidance and direction. The AE is responsible for sending out submissions to peer-reviewers, managing deadlines and correspondence, synthesizing reviewers’ comments and developing one overarching editorial review returned to the contributing author. This is an iterative process and may take more than one round of reviews (no more than 2 ‘revise & resubmits’).
Managing the publication formatting - The AE is responsible for organizing and putting together the content for online and PDF versions of the publication in an MS Word document. This includes keeping track of all the author submissions and aggregating them into one large document in accordance with the publication format. This also includes gathering contributors’ bios and pictures, and creating a table of contents. The key task is to ensure that the formatting for the publication is systematic and consistent with the predetermined formatting guidelines.
Coordinating interviews and book reviews - Another responsibility of the AE is conducting or assigning interviews and book reviews for the publication publication. This entails brainstorming and contacting prospective contributions, as well as developing necessary protocols.
Attend regular meetings -  The AE attends regular meetings with the Editor-in-Chief to discuss the strategy of the publication, ideas for improvement, technology, and other innovations. Additional duties may be assigned as required.


1. Familiarity with peer-review editorial process and strong writing skills for academic outlets
2. Expertise and knowledge of positive psychology in the context of work and organizations
3. Fluent in APA writing style
4. Evidence of graduate training or professional development in positive work and organizations
5. Experience serving as editor of academic/professional publication or publication outlet is a plus

To read past issues of the Positive Work and Organizations: Research and Practice publication, visit http://www.ippanetwork.org. To talk with someone about this publication and role, email workdiv@ippanetwork.org.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Gregory Hennessy
Claremont Graduate University