Manika Jain

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Manika is a consultant and project manager with an educational background in psychology and neuroscience. She has worked in the academic, private and public sectors in varied industries, guiding industry experts to make critical and research based decisions. Her work has included research design, data collection, and analysis in academic settings; client and project management for Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients in the private sector; and analytical and creative problem solving while mediating between Government officials, implementing agencies and the Executive Committee at UNEP.

Manika holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McGill University and a certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University. She has a passion for psychology and behavioral neuroscience, and thirst to understand how these fields can lead to an improved lifestyle. Alongside her studies, she has worked in research laboratories at McGill University, Montreal’s Children’s Hospital and Douglas Mental Health University Institute to develop a strong understanding of varied research methods and disciplines within psychology (health psychology, learning and developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, etc.)