Sarah Schimschal

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I'm the Founder and Director at Positive Legacies, a company helping more people access the support and guidance they need to develop and realise their potential. I received my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London in 2017 and currently undertaking my PhD with the University of Tasmania. I'm an accomplished leader, practitioner and researcher with over 20 years' experience working across different industries including education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and recreation. I live in Sydney, Australia and my research interests focus on grit and related psychological constructs.

In April 2019, I joined the executive team of IPPA’s Student Division (SIPPA), taking up the role of Mentor and Student Development Program Co-Lead. I’ve benefited immensely from professional support and guidance throughout my career. It's great to be working with my colleague Annalise Roache to develop new resources and webinars which will provide even more value to members. 

IPPA Student Mentoring

My primary research and practice interests:
My current research and PhD is focused on grit and related concepts. 

What mentoring means to me and why I want to be a mentor: 
Mentoring for me is about sharing knowledge, skills and experiences with mentees to support them on their journey. It also involves setting up a formal relationship with agreed goals and timelines. I enjoy mentoring because it allows me to share what I know. Plus, it’s a great way to pay it forward.

What I will bring to the mentoring relationship:
I have over 20 years’ experience working in learning and organisational development. I’m passionate about translating positive psychology research into practice for the wider community. My company, Positive Legacies, helps people to develop their potential so that they turn their dreams into reality. Check out my website to learn more:

What kind of student I am looking to work with:
I firmly believe (and know from personal experience!) that passion and perseverance trumps talent. I’m happy to mentor a like-minded student; that is, an individual who is driven and gets s**t done. My support will be helpful and empathic. I’ll encourage you to use gritty practices to achieve your aspirations and help you get additional support if you need it (e.g., hiring a coach).

Other important information:
I’m based in Sydney, Australia and would to prefer to conduct mentoring sessions via video conferencing (e.g., Skype, TeamViewer). I expect the mentoring sessions to be monthly or bi-monthly. The mentee will need to arrange these sessions and most importantly do what they say they will.

I am willing to be a Mentor

  • Yes