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Positive Emotions, Stress and Health: What we know, and future directions

Dr. Sarah Pressman joined leaders of the Positive Health and Wellness Division to share her research on positive emotions, stress, and health. Abstract: Positive affect (PA) is associated with better health across a wide range of physical health outcomes. This webinar will discuss why the...

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Living the Forgiving Life: Implications for Health and Well-Being

IPPA's Positive Health and Wellness Division invited Dr. Loren Toussaint to present his research on forgiveness. Living a forgiving life has positive implications for one’s health, well-being, and longevity. This webinar focused on three areas that will improve people’s ability to incorporate...

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Watch Recording of IPPAEd Division Pre-Conference at ECPP 2018

IPPA's Education Division produced a pre-conference at the European Conference on Positive Psychology in June 2018 titled, Engaging Education: Let's make it happen! Around the world, concerns are growing about students’ abilities with 21st century skills, mental health problems, and lack of...

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Contributions to Positive Health Award Lecture

Judith Moskowitz, Ph.D. Northwestern University Contributions to Positive Health Award Lecture: Positive Affect Intervention to Help People Cope with Health-Related Stress: Progress, Promise, and Lessons Learned The International Positive Psychology Association’s Positive Health and...