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Positive Energy and its Impact on Leadership and Organizations

Abstract: Most models of leadership assume that influence lies at the heart of leadership. If you are influential, that means you are a leader. However, research by Kim Cameron and his colleagues has found that positive energy is more important in accounting for leadership and organizational...

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Making Change Last

Tal Ben-Shahar, Herzliya, Israel Making Change Last Abstract: Most personal and organizational change efforts fail. While initial excitement may be high following a workshop or program, more often than not people go back to where they were prior to the intervention. To enjoy...

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Meaning that Strengthens: Thinking and Using Positive Identities

Jane Dutton, PhD Meaning that Strengthens: Thinking and Using Positive Identity Infusions Abstract: How we narrate who we are at work matters for our sense of thriving, engagement and commitment in that important context. In this discussion, Dr. Jane Dutton gives an overview...