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Positive Energy and its Impact on Leadership and Organizations

Abstract: Most models of leadership assume that influence lies at the heart of leadership. If you are influential, that means you are a leader. However, research by Kim Cameron and his colleagues has found that positive energy is more important in accounting for leadership and organizational...

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Making Change Last

Tal Ben-Shahar, Herzliya, Israel Making Change Last Abstract: Most personal and organizational change efforts fail. While initial excitement may be high following a workshop or program, more often than not people go back to where they were prior to the intervention. To enjoy...

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Meaning that Strengthens: Thinking and Using Positive Identities

Jane Dutton, PhD Meaning that Strengthens: Thinking and Using Positive Identity Infusions Abstract: How we narrate who we are at work matters for our sense of thriving, engagement and commitment in that important context. In this discussion, Dr. Jane Dutton gives an overview of ...